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Getting Pet Hair Out of the Carpet: Everything You Need to Know

Getting Pet Hair Out of the Carpet: Everything You Need to Know

One of the main struggles of being a pet owner is having to reach for a lint roller every time your pet lays anywhere! Pet hair is very stubborn and will challenge you to do unimaginable stuff to get it out of every nook and cranny, including your carpets.

However, there are some methods and tricks on how to remove pet hair from carpet. You can use all kinds of tools and gadgets: lint rollers, rubber gloves, softeners, carpet rakes, hair brushes, soda, etc.

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the fastest and best way to remove pet hair from carpet.

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How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

If you’re wondering how to remove pet hair from carpet, a million solutions may pop up in your head. Some will advise you to use baked soda or vacuum cleaners, while others will suggest that you take the whole carpet to a professional cleaning service.

Aside from the different cleaning techniques, there’s the problem of various pets and hair types. For instance, there’s a big difference between cats’ and dogs’ hair. Cats’ hair is thinner than dogs’ hair, while dogs’ hair has an outer and undercoat. Each of these hair types can get into your carpet and nest there.

Another crucial factor for removing your pet’s hair from the carpet is the type of carpet. There are all kinds of carpets: from polyester and nylon fiber to loop carpets. Of course, each one interacts differently with different pet hair types.

However, the most popular tools for removing pet hair from a carpet are:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A hairbrush
  • A carpet rake
  • Fabric softener
  • Lint rollers
  • Sponge mop.

Depending on the molting intensity and the hair type, you can choose which tool or technique suits you the best or combine them into a single one. Nonetheless, the two most typical pets are cats and dogs. So, logically, if you master the removal of their hair from your carpet, you’ve mastered the removal of almost any type of pet hair.

How to Get Cat Hair Out of Carpet?

Many simple yet effective ways will answer your question about how to get cat hair out of carpet. You can use a sponge mop, baked soda, a carpet rake, a window squeegee, rubber gloves, balloons, pet hair vacuum cleaners, etc.

Below, we’ll check out some of the most popular options:

The Kitchen Sponge

Sounds too simple? Well, it works; you can totally start by using your kitchen sponge. If you want to get rid of your kitten’s hair by using a kitchen sponge or a sponge mop, you’ll have to begin by thoroughly vacuuming the whole carpet.

You’ll just have to dampen the mop and cover the area where your cat’s fur is gathered. Then, you’ll want to make use of the coarse part of your dish sponge to pick up all the hair and rinse it away or replace the sponge.

A Fabric Softener

Another trick is to use a fabric softener. You can apply a fabric softener to prepare the area for a thorough cleanup. The advantage of using a fabric softener is that, when combined with warm water, it can loosen the stuck cat hair and make it easier to vacuum.

A Carpet Rake

The carpet rake is another tool to get rid of your kitten’s hair. You can use the carpet rake to comb the rugged surface of your carpets and rugs and remove the stuck cat hair. The process is pretty straightforward – the metal and the plastic pins of the carpet rake plunge deep into the carpet’s fibers and pull out the trapped hair. All you have to do is comb through it!

Baking Soda

In combination with a vacuum cleaner, baking soda can do miracles on your carpet. Baking soda will also deodorize your carpets and make them smell fresh and new! The process is simple and consists of two steps:

Scatter a light coating of soda over the hair-infested surfaces of the carpet
Leave the baked soda for a couple of minutes and vacuum the carpet

Note: Baked soda won’t damage your carpet’s fibers, but if applied in big amounts, it can damage the underlay or the floor. That’s why you should always apply a light coating and be careful where you sprinkle the soda.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet?

Generally, you can use the same tools and techniques to remove your dog’s hair from the carpets. An advantage is that a dog’s hair is thicker than a cat’s, and you can more easily spot it and remove it from the carpet’s surface.

So, how to remove dog hair from carpet without vacuum? You can use carpet rakes, lint rollers, dog brushes, squeegees, fabric softeners, rubber gloves, etc. All these are efficient and easy ways to get the job done.

Dog Brushes

Dog brushes are an exquisite tool for getting rid of hair and fur stuck in the carpet. You can buy them in your local shop or order them online. In both cases, dog brushes can come in different forms and dimensions, and you’ll be free to choose the one that suits you the best.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you on how to remove dog hair from carpet with a dog brush:

  1. Find a dog brush that has metal pins or bristles for the best results
  2. Find a focal point towards which you’ll brush all the stuck hair and fur
  3. Frequently remove the hair stuck in the brush
  4. Vacuum the piled hairs.

The Balloon Method

Using a balloon is an exciting and efficient method for removing your dog’s hair from the carpet. All you need is a couple of balloons. It may sound silly, but you’ll have to blow up the balloons and start rubbing them against the carpet’s surface. The static of the balloons will separate, attract, and pull the dog’s hair out of your carpet.

Rubber Gloves

If you’re determined and have enough time, you can always use your rubber gloves to pull out all the hair and fur. Using rubber gloves is the most effective yet exhausting method for cleaning your carpet. It’s also called the flip-flop technique. You can choose thin latex or rubber gloves for this purpose.

Following is the step-by-step rubber gloves/flip-flop technique:

  1. Put on a pair of rubber or latex gloves
  2. Run them under warm and clean water
  3. Use short strokes to rub over your rug or carpet
  4. Remove your dog’s hair from the gloves and continue rubbing.

Similarly to the balloon method, rubbing your rubber gloves over the carpet’s surface creates static electricity attracting the hairs.

Lint Rollers

If you’re petting a cat or a dog, a lint roller is a must-have tool! You can find them in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, lint rollers can also have long handles that will spare your back.

To properly use your lint roller, you’ll have to roll it over your carpet, and its sticky surface will pick up all your dog’s hair. However, the lint rollers aren’t practical for wider rugs or carpets because of the small roller area. You can also use your lint rollers to pick up your pet’s hair out of your clothing or other items.

A Rubber Squeegee & a Rubber Broom

The rubber squeegee or a rubber broom is another tool you can use to dispose of all your dog’s hair from the carpet. Rubber squeegees are easy to find and come in different shapes and colors. This tool can pull out hairs stuck deeply into the carpet and gather them in clumps. You can also use rubber brooms with a squeegee edge or rubble bristles.

The Best Way to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

As we’ve seen, there are numerous ways and methods to remove your pet’s hair from the carpet. Moreover, they’re pretty similar for both cats and dogs. You can use balloons, rubber squeegees, brooms, lint rollers, fabric softeners, or baking soda to get those mulish hairs out of the rug.

Nonetheless, if you left your rug or carpet untended for a long time and there’s too much hair stuck between the fibers, cleaning it will be a hell of a job! That’s why many pet owners hire professional carpet cleaning services that are time, cost, and energy efficient.

If you can’t deal with the stubborn clumps of hair and fur on your carpet, don’t hesitate to give our team, The Honest Guys, a call! Our all-inclusive carpet cleaning services will ensure your carpets are good as new once we’ve done our magic on them.


How to remove stubborn pet hair from carpets?

You can remove stubborn pet hair from your carpets in many different ways. You can use a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, balloons, brooms, lint rollers, or fabric softeners. You can even combine some of these tools and items into a single cleaning process.

What is the best tool for removing dog hair from the carpet?

There’s no best tool for removing your dog’s hair from the rug or the carpet. However, the most efficient way is to use a dog brush or rubber gloves. With a dog brush and rubber gloves, you can thoroughly clean your carpet and divide the hairs from the fibers.